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Our Business is Equality: Will You Play With Me?

Awen for Us Founder and Corporate Social Responsibility Project Consultant @dr.aylinlole asks in the June issue of Female Business:

Will you play with me?

Inequality is not just a problem for girls and women, it is a problem for men as well. Why do we say equality begins at home? Why is it our problem? As posed in one of the questions in @sdg4kids' @dunyaningelece "Future of the World" Game, "How is it possible for men and women to live equally and happily together?"

The pictures of all inequalities are the same everywhere… If we can manage not only to look but also to see. Let's look for answers to the questions together.

To access the full article, don't forget to download the June issue of @disi_business from @turkcell_dergilik!

"Taylan Korkmaz is 11 years old. He loves not only painting but also drawing cartoons. He has his own cartoon characters. He loved Marvel and DC as a child, now his favorite is Kral Şakir.

Under the supervision of her teacher Melike Yakarer from Çamlıca Eyüpoğlu Secondary School, she discussed “The World and Its Problems” with her school friends Nesibe İpek, Efe, Maya, İlayda Su, Ayşe Naz, Neris, Pelin, Emir Utku, Eda Ceylan, Deniz, Asya and Ayşe Ege. His work was exhibited at the Mustafa Kemal Cultural Center of Beşiktaş Municipality as part of the Istanbul Child and Youth Art Biennial.

Taylan's friends see global warming, economy, health, technology addiction, religious pressure, and energy in "The World and Its Problems". There is one thing that Taylan contributed to this study, which is the subject of this article: Gender discrimination.

To tell the truth, facing this through the eyes of an 11-year-old was quite striking for me. Because there is no one who gave Taylan a 'brief' on this issue, and today's adults, for some reason, 'have a hard time seeing the 'gender discrimination, which he shows between his own 'awareness' and the 'main problems of the world, as a problem for some reason.

However, the picture of inequality is the same everywhere… If you can manage not only to look but also to see… Especially when you take a look at the TUIK statistics…"

You can read the entire article by downloading @disi_business from Turkcell Dergilik.

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