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Just Equal! Unisex White Hat

Just Equal! Unisex White Hat


Just Equal!  the motto of those who lead the awakening.

What we need  'Equality Only'.

Although it is not possible to suddenly change the gender inequalities that have been 'taught' and handed down from generation to generation, we can still convey our unique messages against these inequalities that we encounter in all areas of life, from home to work, from school to sports.  "Just Equal"  themed design products and we ensure that our products support our movement in the fight for 'Gender Equality'.

We give our unique message against inequalities.  With our "Just Equal" themed unisex white hats, you can both protect yourself from harmful sun rays and support our struggle.


A portion of the income from this product you purchased in the 'Gender Equality' challenge  We donate to KEDV (Foundation for the Evaluation of Women's Work).


  • 100% Cotton Gabardine Fabric,  white hat
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