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Who Are We?

Awen for Us was born as a social enterprise that aims to advance gender equality by raising awareness and mobilizing it throughout its journey.

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Awen for Us is an initiative that sets out to spread awareness of Gender Equality and turn this awareness into a permanent culture.

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According to the Global Gender Equality Index 2023 Report, Türkiye ranks 129th among 146 countries! According to the same data, it will take 131 years to reach full equality at the current rate of progress!

With Awen for Us Gender Equality Workshops It is up to you to shorten this time!

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What Are We Doing?

We present our messages with everyday examples to spread awareness about equality by designing a culture; We make inequality visible by transforming codes with our cheerful, quick-witted and inspiring language.

Training and Workshops

We provide online and face-to-face basic gender equality awareness training by bringing institutions together with experts in their fields.

Project Consultancy

Taking into account the business objectives needed for institutions, we provide consultancy services to help you develop social benefit strategies, create projects and communicate in accordance with the results.

Gifts of Equality

With our equality gifts specific to institutions, we deliver your messages to people by making them visible on t-shirts, kitchen aprons, repair kits, agendas or mugs.

Educational Materials

We prepare e-learning contents, in-house dictionaries-guidebooks and certificate programs specific to your sector and company, based on equality, sustainability, diversity and inclusion.


Social responsibility Project Consulting

Awen for Us, gender equality for public institutions and corporate companies It provides consultancy services for developing social benefit strategies, creating projects and communicating the results, taking into account the business objectives they need within the scope of their needs .

Social gender equality workshops

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With Equality Gifts ​In Struggle for Gender Equality

Support Our Products!


All We Need is Equality

We deliver our unique messages against the inequalities we encounter in every aspect of life, from home to work, from school to sports, with "Just Equal" themed design products, and we ensure that our products support our movement in the fight for Gender Equality.

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As There Are Heroes, So There Should Be Sheros!

Kosovo designer  Malda Susuri , who was influenced by the philosophy and starting point of Awen for Us,

He signed the 'Shero' series for Awen for Us.

In the contents we have prepared to spread the awareness of equality; with everyday examples we try to make inequality visible with a cheerful and inspiring language code.

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Awen for Us Equality Bulletin

Every month, Awen for Us covers various topics for the fight for equality.

Let's take a look together at what we experienced and what we said.

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Eşitlik Bültenine Abone Ol

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