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Free Cocoons of Cyprus

Producing projects in the field of gender equality Awen for Us platform gave voluntary support as a corporate social responsibility project and Equalist Digital with coenvironmentally friendly online product store Cyprus Cocoon focuses on painless and sustainable silkworm breeding.

It is possible to use a painless, non-violent, sustainable silk!

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Eco-Friendly Online Store:
Cyprus Cocoon

Cyprus Cocoon combines the cocoon work, which is a traditional handicraft in Cyprus, with a painless and sustainable method called Peace silk and believes that it is possible to produce silk that adopts the principle that no silkworm should be killed/suffered.

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What is Peace Silk?

Nonviolent and Sustainable
Silk Designs: Peace Silk Cocoons

We wanted to turn the sad story of the caterpillar, which started while weaving its cocoon, into a brand new story without pain and cruelty. Inspired by the endemic flowers of Cyprus, Cyprus Cocoon prioritizes the life of nature and living things, while our butterflies use silk that is accessed without violence after they emerge freely from their cocoons.

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Health Cocoon

Love Cocoon

Cocoon of Peace

Cocoon of Success

Cocoon of Fertility

Cocoon of Luck

Our aim; To show that production can be made with the use of painless, non-violent, sustainable silk. 

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