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About Us

Awen, which means awakening in Celtic, also symbolizes the balance between male and female energy.

Awen for Us is an initiative for all of us, for gender equality, awakening and balance in all areas of life .


What Are We Doing?

By raising awareness about gender equality throughout the Awen for Us journey,

It was born as a social enterprise that aims to advance by activating and transforming.

He presents his messages with everyday examples in order to spread awareness of equality by designing a culture;

It transforms codes and makes inequality visible with its cheerful, quick-witted and inspiring language.

By providing online training to both public institutions and corporate companies and volunteers, we work with experts in the field.

Bringing you together, Awen for Us aims to design a culture with those who want 'equality for all'.

What we need is 'Only Equality'

Meet the Team

Dr. Aylin Löle
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Founder & Social Benefit Projects Consultant

Dr. Tamer Atabarut
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SDSN Türkiye Board Member

Dr. Ahmet Aydemir
  • Siyah Instagram Simge
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Advisory Board Member

simge yazıcı.png
Simge Yazıcı
  • Siyah Instagram Simge
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Copywriter & Content Creator

AfU - sevgi kesim.png
Doc. Dr. Sevgi Kesim Güven
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Başak Güçlü Elbir
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Volunteer Program Advisor

Bülent Yılmaz
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Business Development

Arda Yazıcı
  • Siyah Instagram Simge
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Social Media Expert


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