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Equality At Home! Movement

Our project is a project on emotional neglect in early childhood, established under the umbrella of Hayat Association. working on the Mothers Touching the Future project and carrying out projects on gender equality.

As Awen for Us , we say equality starts at home.


We started the "There is Equality at Home" movement to raise strong children, independent of gender codes.


Our book:
Mothers Touching the Future

With the book Mothers Touching the Future, are you ready to follow step by step the communication process that starts from the moment of birth with the child and witness where parents make mistakes through case studies?

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Social Gender Equality


Father's Day
Awareness Contents

To support our project, buy our "There is Equality at Home" t-shirt.

you can buy it.

Equality at Home Seminars

The Gender Equality Seminar to be Given to Parents includes training in child development and personality acquisition, aiming to raise children away from gender codes.

Egalitarian Language Patterns and Behaviors

Being the Right Role Model for Children

Maintenance and

Equal Meeting of Emotional Needs

Equal Behavior at Home and Communication

Our aim is to draw attention to the issue of "emotional neglect" and raise awareness, which affects millions of children.

From Gender Codes
How to Raise Distant Children?

About the "There is Equality at Home" project, which attracted great attention with the support of UN SDSN Turkey For more information and applications, you can visit the GEDA and Equality at Home websites:

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