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Awen for Us Equality and Design
How Does It Combine?

Focusing on promoting gender equality, her work inspired by colorful abstract paintings depicts all women as “SHEROs”, each beautiful and powerful in their own way. 


Our best friend, our mother, our teacher, our sister, our caregiver, our grandmothers, our cousin, our neighbor, our colleague, our sports trainer, a photojournalist, an equality advocate, a brave female figure, a writer, a distance runner… our hero, It can be our SHERO.


Shero's Creator

 Malda  Susuri 

Who is Malda Susuri?

Malda Susuri, the creator of the "She 4 She" project, which aims to thank all women and young activists who contribute to the advancement of women's rights in Kosovo, is also the designer of three children's books used as teaching books by all national and local primary schools in Kosovo. Susuri's works draw their strength from human rights and women's empowerment. 

Gender justice, environmental sustainability
promoting human rights violations and
Malda, who is also the co-founder and chairman of the NGO “Vibe”, which aims to promote an inclusive society and promote other cultural and educational activities by confronting and challenging discrimination, touches various promotional materials with her designs for the “Awen for Us” gender equality initiative.

malda susuri fotoğraf
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