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Sağlığa Yön Verecek Kadın Liderler
Gelişim Programı

Sağlığa Yön Verecek Kadın Liderler Gelişim Programı, sağlık sektöründeki kadınların gelişimini desteklemek amacıyla PWN İstanbul, SDSN Türkiye ve Awen for Us desteği ile hayata geçirilen gelişim programıdır.

  • Purpose of Education
    The aim of the "Women Leaders to Direct Health" development program is to ensure that female employees in the health industry; They are equipped with the leadership skills of the day, have the notion of corporate sustainability and governance and a visionary perspective. While they will have the opportunity to strengthen their personal awareness and leadership identities with the inspiring speeches and workshops within the program, they will also gain courage for an inspiring positive change journey for themselves and those around them through the network they will create. They will work on a project to reinforce their achievements in the program and continue their development journey by meeting physically/virtually with their mentors at least once a month. The program has been prepared with the contributions of the academic staff of Boğaziçi University as well as experts from SDSN Turkey, PWN Istanbul and Awen for Us; It is supported by activities such as online courses, guest speakers, mentoring and networking.
  • Content of Education
    Participants will be mentored by PWN Istanbul Leaders Platform, General Managers working in the pharmaceutical industry, and members of the Association's Board of Directors. Mentors and mentees will be matched from PWN Istanbul Leaders Platform and General Managers and senior leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. It is anticipated that 3 meetings will be held in each match. It is also planned to bring together the participants and the following healthcare industry leaders through online and face-to-face networking events. PWN Management: Yıldız Bozkurt Özcan - PWN Istanbul Chairman of the Board Sevda Solak - PWN Istanbul Board of Directors Co-Chairman Beril Koparal Ergün - PWN Istanbul Board of Directors General Secretary Aylin Satun Olsun - PWN Istanbul Board Member Güldem Berkman - PWN Advisory Board Member Şeyda Atadan Memiş - PWN Advisory Board Member Project Sector Advisory and Executive Board: Demet Russ - Janssen Regional Finance President Mete Hüsemoğlu - AbbVie General Manager Güldem Berkman - Amgen Turkey General Manager Gözde Güllüoğlu - General Manager of MSD Turkey PWN Member and Project Volunteer Leaders (Alphabetical order) Ayşe Uysal Torun – IHD Consultancy Managing Partner Dr. Aylin Löle- Founder of Awen for Us Beril Koparal Ergün- General Manager of Veni Vita Health Burçak Çelik - General Manager of Roche Diagnostics Italy Canan Bademlioğlu-Abbott General Manager Çağlar Gözüaçık- Tazefikir Agency President Demet Russ - Janssen Regional Finance President Didem Bay-Italfarmaco General Manager Ece Kaşıkçı-Bristol Myers Squibb General Manager Elif Çelik- Kurtsan İlaç, Centrion İlaç and Otacı Independent Board Member Fatih Yedikardeş, Daiichi Sankyo Pharma Canada Country Manager Gözde Güllüoğlu-MSD Türkiye General Manager Güldem Berkman- General Manager of Amgen Turkey Mete Hüsemoğlu-Abbvie General Manager Nazlı Kayın, General Manager of Daichi Sankyo Natasha Tyeztaz, General Manager of Novartis Natasa Klicko – Roche General Manager Rezzan Özoğul General Manager of Newton-Fresenius Kabi Switzerland Sinan Kırıcı - UCB Pharma Türkiye General Manager Şehram Zayer - General Manager of Merck Group Turkey Şebnem Girgin- Gilead Pharmaceuticals Türkiye General Manager Şeyda Atadan Memiş- Takeda General Manager (United Kingdom and Ireland) Okan Güner, General Manager of Boehringer Ingelheim Oğuz Akandil, General Manager of Nobel Pharmaceuticals There will be additional additions to the program as educators and mentors.
  • Modules
    The duration of the training is 72 hours. For detailed information:
  • Courses
    The duration of the training is 72 hours. For detailed information:
  • Participation Conditions
    Application criteria for the program: Be woman, Being a university graduate and At least 5 years in the healthcare industry Candidates who pre-applied; Age, Education, Experience, Personal motivation letter and They are expected to send 2 reference letters to .
  • Education Application
    For detailed information about the program and to apply, you can visit the BÜYEM website.

Gelişim Programı Mentorları

Sağlığa Yön Verecek Kadın Liderler programımızda mentorluk yapan tüm destekçilerimize teşekkürler.

güldem berkman
Güldem Berkman


Genel Müdürü

mete hüsemoğlu
Mete Hüsemoğlu

AbbVie Genel Müdürü

msd türkiye genel muduru gozde gulluoglu
Gözde Güllüoğlu

MSD Türkiye

Genel Müdürü


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