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Our Business is Equality: No uterus, No opinion

Awen for Us Founder and Corporate Social Responsibility Project Consultant @dr.aylinlole In the July issue of Female Business, the famous character of #Friends reminds us of the legendary phrase uttered by Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston: “No uterus, No opinion.”

Although it means something like "Don't talk if you don't have a womb," it's actually much more.

It's one of the shortest answers given not only to abortion opponents but also to #mansplainers.

Although it is sometimes criticized for being 'trans exclusionary', the title of this article is actually more than just imposing a binary gender system or a biological 'possession'...

To access the full article, don't forget to download the July issue of @disi_business from @turkcell_dergilik

While these developments were taking place in the United States, that is, when it all broke out (which is easy to talk about after the storm has passed), some US-based companies announced that they will cover the travel expenses of their employees who need abortion.

Millions of people seeking abortions may soon have to cross state lines to access the procedure, which means adding to the cost of already often expensive healthcare.

For many, employer benefits may be the only way they get paid for an abortion. These leading companies have announced that they will offer extended assistance to staff in 13 states that restrict the right to abortion.

Let's see who's on the list...

You can read the entire article by downloading @disi_business from Turkcell Dergilik.

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