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Our Business is Equality: How Many 'Cassandra' Are There Among Us?

Cassandra is a term used for bad and sad events that are not believed by others when they are put forward, and that happens afterward and surprise people. The syndrome, which shows people's desire to ignore bad news and events and the subsequent rejection, takes its name from Cassandra, who was given the ability to see the future in mythology but was never believed to be telling the truth.

Awen for Us Founder and Corporate Social Responsibility Project Consultant @dr.aylinlole “How Many Cassandras Are There Among Us?” She was featured in the May issue of the Monthly Digital Business and Women's Magazine @disi_business with her article titled.

“I wanted to be a cheerful feminist, but I was very angry,” said the famous director Agnes Varda…

It is not unfair… Why? Let's say right now. The World Bank's 2022 forecast is that 3.3 billion people will live below the $5.50 daily poverty line this year, and this figure will approach half of humanity. Don't you think that's enough to get angry? If your answer is 'No', let's continue a little more then.

According to the Oxfam 2022 First Crisis, Then Catastropne briefing, G-20 leaders warned that inflation, inequality, and the Covid-19 crises could push more than a quarter-billion people into extreme poverty in 2022 unless the IMF and World Bank act immediately. It reminds us that it exists.

Is it necessary to be a 'Cassandra'* to say that the most affected by this picture are women, children, the disabled, immigrants, LGBT+I individuals, in short, 'fragile groups'?

You can read the entire article by downloading @disi_business from Turkcell Dergilik.

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