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20 June World Refugee Day - On the Edge of Life

(*Report on Rights Violations Against Refugees - 2020)

Dünya Mülteciler Günü Görseli

Today is World Refugee Day;

“Due to the economic, ecological, and political vital risks of transitioning from areas of armed conflict to safer areas, people in many parts of the world have to change their living spaces through external migration and internal migration.

According to the 1951 Geneva convention; Persons who are outside the country of their nationality because of a well-founded fear of being persecuted because of their race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion have the right to seek asylum and seek refugee status.” (Human Rights Association)

According to the findings of the Human Rights Association; Even refugees who have received legal status are reluctant to apply to the judicial authorities against the injustices they have experienced, and they are hesitant to even claim rights because of the 'fear of being deported.

With the increasing racism, violence, and poverty in the world, rights violations against refugees are also increasing. The tendency of states to move away from rights-based approaches makes it difficult to solve these problems that lead to violations and discrimination.

As of January 13, 2021: The total number of registered Syrians under 'temporary protection' in Turkey is 3 million 645 thousand 557 people. + It is estimated that there are around 400,000 'registered refugees' and around 1 million 'unregistered refugees' from other countries.

The number of Syrians living in camps (Temporary Shelter Centers) was announced as 58,752 people. This number, is gradually decreasing; At the beginning of 2019, it was 143,558 people. Today, only 1.6% of Syrians live in camps.

The 'Number of Syrians Living in Cities' was determined as 3 million 585 thousand 17 people (98.4%). The Immigration Administration decides in which city the Syrians will live.

There Are 658 “Reportable” Rights Violations. (*Applications result)

Unjust detention, arrest 16 (persons), Torture, beating, ill-treatment 18, Deaths caused by security forces 6, Those who lost their lives on their journey of hope 62, Those who lost their lives in hate attacks 7, Those who lost their lives in work murders 101, Those who were injured in hate attacks 22, Violations of the Right to Asylum 96 people and 209 people who experienced a violation of the right to travel were determined.

Violence Against Women, Sexual Abuse, Unemployment, Poverty, Violation of the right to work - non-payment of wages, Violation of the right to education, Violation of the right to treatment, Violation of the ban on refoulement, Pressure on journalists reporting on refugees, Detention, Arrests, and Barriers to lawyers who support refugees. The list includes 449 refugees facing discrimination.


While 1 million 732 thousand 44 (47.5%) of the Syrian population in the country are children aged 0-18, the total number of children and women aged 0-18 is 2 million 583 thousand 373. Violence against women (70.9%), sexual abuse, violations of rights against children, labor exploitation, discrimination, barriers to access to justice, and violations of the right to work are experienced intensely and are not visible enough.

Especially with the invisibility of child labor, refugee children are exposed to exploitation in child labor and thousands of children at school age are forced to work in workshops, agricultural fields, waste collection work, and on the streets.

A generation cannot get an education and loses their childhood before they can live…

As for LGBTI refugees, the total number of known LGBTI refugees who can reach KaosGL is 320, in addition to the semi-structured face-to-face interviews that take place predominantly in the cities where they reside.

Among the reasons why LGBTI refugees under international protection came from their own countries, 55 of the refugees stated that they came because of their identity, 81 because of family pressure, and 84 because of torture/maltreatment/threat/rape/discrimination. They continue to experience discrimination and injustice in all forms in their new countries.

The path of all irregular migrants crosses with human smugglers while crossing to another country by land/sea route. In June 2019, 54 Syrians, including 26 children and 4 women, were locked in a house in Tarsus Gazipaşa Mh. 650 dollars per person for smugglers for Syrians to go from Idlib to Istanbul! reportedly paid.

5 Syrians died in the fire in Ankara Siteler, and 4 refugees, 3 Syrians, and 1 Afghan died in the fire at the Kocaeli textile factory. These data are only those that are communicated and entered into reports. “They” are people, not data.


refugees from Turkey; the discriminatory approaches and hate speech they face in official institutions, the lack of opportunities to overcome the language problem, the inability to be protected from violence, the rights to housing, security, and health, etc. While dealing with problems such as not being able to access the necessities of humane life, the discriminatory hate language in the media and the style of the politicians do not make things any easier. The prejudice and information pollution in society should be dealt with.

By not forgetting the fact that we may all be immigrants/refugees one day, we should not be indifferent to the struggle of refugees who were forced to leave their homes to reach their rights, and we should be able to demand correct and fair policies from the administrations.

The universe is ancient and sufficient to house us all together and in peace.

It is possible to live together humanely…
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